Between releasing a new Android version of their app and having their one year launch anniversary at SXSW, Zaarly has had a pretty good week. At their peak, the company was seeing 250 daily Twitter back links. While somewhat misleading since Zaarly accounts were responsible for a lot of tweets, there were also tons of people selling things on Zaarly at SXSW.

For example, the Jay-Z concert on Monday was probably the hottest ticket in town with one fan reportedly offering up to $1,000 for two tickets. That’s a pretty solid profit for one lucky SXSW attendee since the tickets were given out for free. While Zaarly has been around for a year, it was pretty clear that it was an actively used application at this year’s SXSW.

If it wasn’t clear, the chart below that was surfaced to us through our private StartupStats dashboard should serve as a pretty solid indicator.