StartupStats will not be an ad-powered website. That’s because we are using this site to sell one thing: our product that we will be launching in the very near future. When I ran AllFacebook, I used advertising to support some of the business but it didn’t generate that much. The company I sold to was much better at selling ads because that’s one of their core business activities. That is not our core business activity however, so just to be clear we will not respond to advertising inquiries. There is one exception however!

Ah ha! “Nick’s cracking already”, you’re thinking to yourself. Nope, it’s just that I want to support the people who support us. That’s why we’ll be supporting partners who help us out. Whether it’s the hosting company who powers this site, a restaurant who hosts a cocktail party for us, or someone else, we’ll promote them. They may even end up with a small banner on the sidebar to make our readers happy :) If you want to support us (in non-monetary ways), feel free to reach out to me: nick [at] startupstats [d0t] com.