Waze just sold for a billion dollars by enabling individuals to crowd-source traffic conditions, but how about the weather? That’s what Weendy is working on. The product enables people to report how weather is in their current location. The result is that we should theoretically have better access to weather information.

Unfortunately from my own experience, there aren’t enough reports to make the app useful. They also have chosen to avoid using a data source so that you can check out the weather if nobody has reported anything yet. Despite these issues, Weendy showed up in our dashboard today after seeing a spike in activity on Twitter. Similar to Waze, they have a social integration that enables you to automatically broadcast all weather reports that you make through the app.

In theory I absolutely love the concept. I could also see a ton of weather geeks jumping on to use it, especially if it wasn’t just focused on wind reports for those who surf. For now I’m going to wait and see if the app progresses before using it again. If you want to see how the app functions, check out my 60 second app review embedded below.

Also, check out the company’s Twitter activity chart for the past few days.