Launch pages have become the modus operandi for new startups that want to build pre-launch buzz. At Holler we were able to get close to 6,000 people to sign up prior to ever launching anything. However Wander may have easily surpassed our internal record by providing a pretty clever launch leaderboard.

While not the first Startup to include a leaderboard with their launch page, there is a pointless button that enables you to add points to everybody who’s on the leaderboard. The end result is that there’s pretty much no chance that you’ll end up atop the leaderboard. The top user has over 550 million points … good luck matching that. The uneven leaderboard doesn’t seem to matter since Wander describes it as “the utterly pointless leaderboard”. Unfortunately the leaderboard is all we know about the startup as well as a number of high profile comments on the company’s AngelList profile.

Despite the lack of an overview about the startup, Wander has managed to attract 135 followers on AngelList, many of which have joined in the past week. Personally, I’ve fallen for the company’s trick and have registered my username despite not knowing what the company does exactly. If you have information about the product, let us know! If you work for Wander, hook us up with a private look at the product ;) Also, if you want to register your username at Wander, go do so here.