While most Angel List profiles include incredible product photos and videos, there is one startup that stands out among the pack. This is the only photo on the remind101 Angel List profile.

You probably haven’t heard of remind101, as they are a very niche education startup, but this graph speaks for itself. They have gotten over 130,000 users, with at least 6,000 new users added weekly with very little marketing effort. According to their Angel List status, they broke their sign up records by signing up 3,200 users in one day about a month ago.

Remind101 is a very simple tool that allows teachers to send one-way text messages to their students (and sometimes parents), reminding them of upcoming quizes and homework assignments. Before this, there wasn’t really a safe way for teachers to communicate with students outside of class (we all know Facebook is never a good idea!).

Remind101 has raised a small seed round through their participation in the Imagine K12 incubator and from several angel investors. However, the app is free, and SMS costs add up quickly as they continue to grow. They hope tomonetizetheir product by selling their simple communication system to school administrators. Meanwhile, they’re growing organically from the ground up, with teachers spreading the word to other teachers while getting their students and their student’s parents to subscribe to the SMS updates.

Nevertheless, their numbers speak for themselves. At StartupStats, we believe that revealing your startup’s metrics will be the future of raising capital. We’ve already seen it with Fab.com, who raised $40 million by sending potential investors a login to their comprehensive dashboard.

The truth is, successful and growing startups don’t need a pitch deck. All they need to do is reveal their numbers!