Have you ever heard of Folksy? I’m asking because this UK-based Etsy competitor showed up high on ourleaderboardyesterday, and I was shocked by their massive numbers despite the fact that I haven’t heard of them before (probably because I don’t live in the U.K.).

The stats speak for themselves. 2.4 million unique visitors over the past year who purchased more than £1million in products. Our system picked them up because they have between 200 and 350 Twitter backlinks each day, a relatively high number for any early-stage e-commerce company. Want some other stats? Here are the numbers published by the company on their press page:

Statistics (as of Mar 2012):

  • _Active shops9,500- Average order value£16.95- Number of items for sale 145,000- Sales value (GMV) in 2011 was over £1million- Average page views per month6.75 million- Unique visitors in the past year2.4 million- Unique visitors in March 2012300,000

Want to find out what customers and sellers are saying? You can check out all the [people tweeting about Folksy. Folksy also revealed on their Press page that they took investment in 2011 and are planning to scale Folksy to compete globally. Etsy, watch out … or perhaps: Etsy, buy this company stat!

One of the cool things I like about Folksy is that they are really focused on displaying hand-crafted items - no vintage stuff like on Etsy. Another smart thing they do is display clearly how many items are in stock as you’re browsing, making me feel a sense of urgency to purchase anything I like even a little!

Of course, the one thing Folksy is limited to right now is the UK. Everything is in pounds (instead of dollars) and some of the items cannot be shipped internationally. I’ll be watching them on Angel List to see how they expand globally!

Do you think Folksy has what it takes to dominate the European hand-crafted goods market? Or more importantly: how long do you think it will be before Etsy snaps up this startup?