Those of us living inSiliconValley may be experts on services like Adwords, Quickbooks, Dropbox, Shopify,, Twitter, etc, but the vast majority of small businesses around the world have no idea how to leverage these powerful services for their own companies. IndustryGraph hopes to solve that.

I’m actually writing this post from my family’s house in Chicago, where my family still has ethernet-only internet and a home-phone which,embarrassingly, I had a hard time figuring out how to use. While my little sister asked us for our iPad before even saying hello, the rest of my family has a blank look as soon as I try to explain what startups are or how excited we were when one of our posts got on Hacker News yesterday.

While the internet is offering so many great solutions for business, the truth is, most small businesses around the world just can’t keep up with all the new services available to them to make their business more efficient. IndustryGraph aims to solve this problem by connecting business with local experts who areknowledgeableabout social media and the increasing number of cloud-based products for small businesses.

IndustryGraph already has a sizeable list of experts on their site, and my guess is that IndustryGraph plans to monetize their product by taking a cut of whatever fee the experts decide to take. IndustryGraph has recently participated in the Founder Institute incubator and has secured a lead investor according to the comments on their Angel List profile.

The only issue I see with their business model, ironically, is the fact that non-internet-savvy small businesses that IndustryGraph is targeting might have a hard time learning about IndustryGraph in the first place! They will need a very robust marketing strategy for their small business audience.

Heroku went down this morning and IndustryGraph happens to be hosted by them. So if the site isn’t working, keep checking back. Also, check them out on AngelList.