Washington D.C. has continued to strive to put itself on the map when it comes to creating innovation through startups. Startupland, a documentary by Justin Gutwein, could continue the city’s reach as it works to document five startups who are members of a local startup incubator. While I’m still trying to figure out which accelerator that Startupland is documenting, it appears as though all of the startups are based out of the big 1776 co-working space downtown.

I’ve personally watched a number of the startup documentaries and t.v. shows (Startup.com, The Startup Kids, Bravo’s “Startup Silicon Valley”, etc), however few of them are able to make startups incredibly engaging. One thing this documentary has going for it is production quality, although that’s sort of a basic requirement for any documentary.

So far the project, which was launched in the past 24 hours, has raised over $13,000 with a goal to reach $75,000. Regardless of how entertaining the documentary is, it could potentially help generate the message that Washington, D.C. continues to be a hub for startup innovation. I know I’ll watch it whenever it’s completed! If you’d like to contribute to the project, visit the Startupland documentary page.