There is a big move to digitize documents, but that is extremely painful and expensive to do right now, since businesses like banks and hospitals have to hire someone to manually enter the information into their system. Captricity has really wowed the judges and audience here atLAUNCHwhen they showed off how easy they made it to digitize these documents.

With Captricity, you simply upload a blank version of the document you’re digitizing, mark up the parts of the form you’re digitizing, upload images of the filled-out forms by either scanning or taking a photo of the form and Captricity will convert all the hand-written information from the form into the digital form, which you can download as a CSV. Captricity only costs pennies per page, so it is a lot more cost-effective than the current available methods.

The judges were so impressed with the possibility of Captricity, Founder of LowerMyBills.comMatt Coffinsaid he’d like to invest in Captricity right there on stage. And the audience was wowed as well, check out these tweets:

Captricity is already funded by several Angel investors, including Reid Hoffman and Mitch Kapor according to their Angel List profile.