Who knew that people would prefer to spray caffeine on their body rather than drink coffee (or an alternative caffeinated beverage)? With nearly $170,000 in funding raised on Indiegogo, Sprayable Energy shows that people will do anything to get that extra boost of energy.

Interestingly enough, it appears as though over half of the backers went for 50 or more bottles of the sprayable energy product. My guess is that a large number of the backers were actually retailers who figured this clever product would fly off the shelves.

When I sat down with Deven Soni, co-founder of Sprayable Energy, I asked him all about the company’s secrets to success. Aside from the various marketing tactics that are outlined in this interview, it’s clear that the co-founders are both pedigreed. Deven was previously working as a venture capitalist and his co-founder, Ben, was a Thiel fellow. Together, they formulated the concept of Sprayable Energy while on an expedition in Antarctica.

The concept was born and soon enough they had products to deliver to consumers. At the pre-campaign launch party, the team was able to raise $11,000 in pre-sales which helped the project launch with built-in momentum. Soon, publications were covering the product and Indiegogo featured the project in their weekly newsletter.

Unlike some of the project owners that I’ve been interviewing recently, the Sprayable Energy team used every marketing tactic possible. They even ran a retargeting ad campaign that resulted in 10 to 15 percent of their sales. Check out the interview above to learn the full story. If you prefer the audio version of the interview you can listen to it here.