Simple is often best when it comes to publishing content and one-page publishing platforms are no exception. Over the past week Onepager has continued to break out in our StartupStats database. Onepager is most easily described as an for businesses. Businesses are an interesting target market as they have a variety of needs. Some just want to toss up a contact page, whereas others want to collect customer information.

Another use case popped up over the past couple days: a glorified press release: “The 40 Women To Watch Over 40”. Yet for those who don’t want to set up a full blown company website, single page sites are a brilliant way to generate a presence quickly. They also tend to cost less, have higher conversion, and provide unique opportunities to get creative.

Onepager isn’t the only single-page product that has showed up in our system though. Last year CheckThis saw a decent amount of traction with a single page publishing product. Since then, the company has narrowed the scope of the product to “colorful posts with multiple images”. Another startup,Cloudpage, has seen occasional spikes in our database over the past couple weeks as well. Their pitch is “sometimes what you want to say is more than 140 characters and starting a blog is too much of a commitment…” This sounds almost identical toMedium, which has quickly set the standard for single page publishing.

Few of these startups have managed to obtain sustained traction, something that any of them will need to attract any significant funding. From what we’ve seen in the past, most of the single page products that have taken off have done so relatively quickly. Whether that’s Instagram, who used a single page to display a photo, or, which used the page for displaying simple profiles, they all have experienced immediate traction.

Whether or not Onepager becomes a massive success, they definitely have a business on their hands, charging $1 to $8 per website. We’ll keep an eye on them to see if they continue to break out. What other one page publishing platforms have you seen?