While Huger Games may be a great game for ripping childrens’ heads off, some applications are a little more mild yet still extremely competitive. Oust.me, an app that was developed a year ago by a team of seven Slovenians, enables you to create geographical boundaries that you gain ownership of based on your check-ins within other apps.

The app has been experiencing some traction over the past few days, particularly in London, which resulted in our database picking up on it. The idea is really straight-forward: rather than simply becoming a mayor of a venue, it would be much cooler to own entire territories.

To be honest, I loved the idea but when I first started using it, I became confused about how to capture a territory. More importantly, I’m supposed to go out, check-in to a bunch of places, and then come home and see if I’m captured any territories. What would be interesting is if this functionality was directly integrated into a Foursquare or similar app.

My first instinct would be that the company needs to develop a mobile app that you check-in from directly and receive notifications through. While I’m not sure the staying power of the existing product (it first came out a year ago and has had a mild level of activity), our database suggests that the company has experienced an increased level of activity in recent days.

It will be interesting to see if this one sticks! Would you want to battle your friends for turf wars?