Yeah we know, in the future we’re all going to be spied on by drones flying through the air. Perhaps we’ll even be the ones doing the spying! However what if you don’t want to view things from a birds-eye view and would prefer to view things from a fish’s point of view? Enter the Ziphius. It’s the world’s first app-controlled aquatic drone. In other words, you can control it from your smartphone or table.

The device also includes augmented reality games that you can play while navigating through the deep blue ocean. While the drone only travels up to 300 feet, it’s definitely a step in the right direction. The product has also attracted over $12,000 in the first 24 hours. So how much does one of these drones cost? It’ll set you back $195.

Honestly, the more I checked out the project, the more I thought about how a radio remote control submarine could simply attach a GoPro camera to the top and accomplish a lot of the same objectives with a bit more range. However with a 1 hour battery, 6 miles per hour top speed, and a 720p HD camera, it’s still a pretty slick device.

You can check out the project page for more info.

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