Sometimes I’m dumbfounded by how much money an incredibly simple product can raise on Kickstarter. Retrakt is one of those products. They’ve designed a custom pen and in a matter of hours, $24,038 has been pledged. Here’s the craziest part: the pen doesn’t do anything special. Instead it’s just a somewhat unique design.

The pens start at $30 (for an Aluminum one) and go up to $60 (for a Brass one). As someone who loves design, it kind of reminds me of the handmade feeling you’d get from a letterpress card. Additionally, the pens are all made in house at KarasKustoms in Mesa, Arizona. Definitely a contrast to many of the other Kickstarter projects that have the standard pitch of: “we need to raise money to scale our manufacturing”.

Aside from that, there’s absolutely nothing unique about this pen. I’ll be curious to see how much money the Retrakt pen is able to raise. If you want to check out the pen for yourself, visit their product page. Also, if you can tell me why this pen has raised so much money, feel free to share in the comments below.