Some startups think that getting press is the secret to building awareness of their product. While it can definitely give a boost, smart founders know that one of the most powerful tools to create sustained traction is content marketing. ResumeBear is a great example of one startup that understands the power of content marketing.

While they just joined AngelList on Sunday, they immediately popped up on our internal leaderboard thanks to the hundreds of people sharing the company’s blog posts on Twitter. The company clearly knows one of the most successful online marketing techniques, something that the vast majority of online companies fail to grasp. Granted, a quality product will also do wonders to attracting an audience.

But when you’re operating in a crowded and/or noisy market, you need to remind your target customers that you’re still around and doing well. That’s where content marketing comes in. I remember reading in a book once a process that outlined the marketing process, which included some 20+ steps before a customer actually made a purchase. While many online marketers focus on short-term growth (those who immediately convert), successful marketers plan for the long-term, knowing that it takes a customer multiple exposures of your product before a customer uses it.

So what does ResumeBear even do, aside from effective content marketing? Their service is extremely simple. They’ve created technology which effectively adds a tracking-beacon to your resume so you can know when recruiters are opening yours up. The company then goes one step further by providing “statistical information on your dashboard that allows you to track what is happening to your resume at any time.”

It’s not clear immediately how the company generates revenue, but my guess is that they charge employers for access to potential candidates. The software is simply a tool to attract candidates. If you want to learn more about the company you can check them out here.