Update: We asked the founder of four53, Faruk Ates, about the reason behind their AngelList popularity, and he responded as follows:

“We’re not part of any incubator or accelerator; we’re just two guys working from home and coffee shops on something we’re really passionate about.

The attention we’re getting is driven in part by AngelList itself—they included us on some emails that went out (see for example the Trending Startups of this week, if you get that weekly newsletter); the sticking power of getting more (and more influential) investors to Follow us or request an intro comes solely fromthepit.chitself. That page has an almost-20% conversion rate for signups, with a large number of them expressing interest in doing business with us somehow.”
While still in the process of incorporating,
four53 launched on AngelList under the name REDACTED. Even with that stealth name, the company was able to attract a significant number of followers - enough for us tocover them despite not even knowing their name or website.

Now, with a real name, four53 exploded on AngelList, attracting 71 followers yesterday, and over 80 followers already today (and it’s only morning!). The followers include incredibly influential people in Silicon Valley such as Tim Chang, Matt Mullenweg, Ariel Poler, Biz Stone, David Wu, Dave McClure, Jason Calacanis, and many more.

According to the company’s clever pitch site, Four53 is working on an HTML5 presentation platform, that will make it easier to build dynamicpresentations(e.g. embedded YouTube videos vs open browser tabs during thepresentation), deliver the presentation, and share it on any device. At least 75 Million desktop users use PowerPoint, Keynote, and OpenOffice with over 50% of them paying for these products, many of them Enterprise clients, and Four53 is set to disrupt these. Four53 plans to use the freemium model for their business by charging for more features and storage and monetizing via ads for free accounts.

Four53 is co-founded by Faruk Ates, a former Apple UI / UX designer, who has gotten some raving reviews in the four53 comments section, which could be one reason the company is getting so much traction on AngelList.

After capturing the attention of top investors, only time will show if the team is able to execute well enough on their product vision to match the high expectations that have been set.