Have you ever plugged in one of your devices to charge, only to find out that it takes way longer than expected? That problem may have to do with the USB port you are plugged into, and if that is the reason, the Practical Meter will let you know. Launched on Kickstarter in the past 48 hours, the Practical Meter has already raised over $25,000, illustrating that phone charge time is a serious problem for a lot of people.

The concept is incredibly simple: you plug in the Practical Meter into your USB port, then plug your phone or other device directly into the Practical Meter and it will tell you whether or not you are getting full charge potential. The video below highlights how the product works. The price of the meter? $19. As someone who has run into charging problems in the past, this seems like a great tool to have. Personally, I probably won’t carry this device around with me, but based on the amount pledged to this project, over 1,000 people will be carrying one in their pocket.

The better solution here: better batteries. Also, this seems like a feature that should be integrated into the phone itself. In the meantime, why not shell out $19 though?! If you want to learn more, check out the Practical Meter project page.