With Pinterestgainingridiculous traction right now, startup founders are taking notice and are already developing tools around Pinterest.PinClout,now PinReach, was one of the first of this new breed of startups, telling Pinners how popular they were on Pinterest. Now, a new startupPinerly, is looking to capture the Pinterest power users and brands. Pinerly has three goals in mind when it comes to helping brands, marketers, and users use Pinterest effectively according totheir AngelList profile:

  1. Provide a comprehensive way to measure how well pins do (ability to see actual click-throughs that reach site destinations)
  2. Find great new content to pin to increase followers and build up a good profile
  3. Remove some of the repeated tasks that are often performed such as searching for great people to follow, and schedule pins

With very little marketing, Pinerly is gaining some serious traction among users **before they’ve even released their full product. They are getting over 350 [Twitter backlinks per day, and that number is seriously growing thanks to their viral landing page:

Clearly, this is something Pinterest users really want already and Pinerly is in a perfect position to dominate if they’re able to release their product before the competition! And this is just the beginning. Expect to see a lot more Pinterest-powered startups in the near future!