We’re at the Launch Conference today (come say hi if you’re here!), and after the first batch of presentations, there is one startup that really stood out to me. Based on the image I’m using for this post, you’ve probably guessed that uGrokit is the one I’m talking about :)

uGrokit uses RFID tags to help you find your stuff.RFIDs are currently used by retail stores to track their inventory. They’re really small chips (the size of a rice grain) that emit a radio frequency signal that can be read as a unique id. The RFIDs do not need to be recharged ever, so just put them where you need them, and they’ll always work.

For almost $200, uGrokit will give you a set of RFIDs and a device that, if you put your smart phone on it, will find the stuff that you put your RFIDs in. You can finally have an easy way to find everything from your wallet to your favorite purse to your kids toys.uGrokit is currently targeting families with small kids, since once the kids start walking, so do your stuff. With uGrokit, when you need to find your stuff, you just put your phone on the uGrokit device, and it’ll start beeping louder and louder the closer you get to your lost item.

uGrokit is clearly really early in the game for using this technology. Currently the almost $200 price tag is a bit too much, and the bright orange device that you need to put your phone on is bulky, and you have to make sure you don’t loose it. The device also only works within a very short distance of the lost item.

However, the future of this using RFIDs in the home and for other personal use is really exciting and the possibilities are endless. Check them out on Angel Listto learn more.