Update: The company behind this presentation has been revealed as four53!

It’s always the same story. Before any presentation, there is time wasted on the technical difficulties of finding the power point slides and getting them loaded on the presenting computer.

Now, imagine if all you had to do was share a link and your presentation would be ready for you to use via the browser. That is the vision behind the new startup, Redacted, who isbuilding the tools for enabling HTML5-based presentations.

At least 75 Million desktop users use PowerPoint, Keynote, and OpenOffice with over 50% of them paying for these products, many of them Enterprise clients. Redacted is set to disrupt these outdated services by providing an HTML5 presentation platform, that will make it easier to build dynamic presenations (e.g. embedded YouTube videos vs open browser tabs during thepresentation), deliver the presentation, and share it on any device. Redacted plan to use the freemium model for their business by charging for more features and storage and monetizing via ads for free accounts.

Redacted has been trending on Angel List last week, with over 20 followers added. While we’re not sure what their website is yet, as they are still in alpha (or if their real name is even Redacted), you can find out more about the company on theirclever pitch page (created using their own technology).

Clicking through their pitch deck, though, a few problems already popped up. For one, there was no way to go back to the previous slide, there was no way to ignore the animations to just see the full slide, and there was no way of making the slides full screen. I know they’re still in alpha, but these seem like really basic power point functions.

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