OMG!!! I’m soooo excited right now!! You see, I’m pretty bad at fashion. I can go to the store and get a shirt and jeans, and look ok, but I’m not very good at picking full outfits - jewelry, purses, shoes… aahhh!!! My head spins just thinking about having to spend time in a shopping mall trying to find just the right outfit.

That is why I’m so excited. I just discovered DailyLook, and it solves all my (and many other women’s) fashion problems. DailyLook is a very simple idea executed really well. DailyLook sends you one new fashion look chosen by a professional stylist on sale under $150 every day. They take incredible photos of models wearing the look and add the celebrities who were spotted wearing that look. You can purchase everything from that look on sale within 36 hours and at regular price after that (if they’re not sold out).

Of course, the problem with featuring tall and skinny models for the look, is that not all women will look that good in the same outfit. The sizes for each outfit include the standard Small, Medium, and Large, so no Petites for people like me. Maybe some kind of additional style guide or diversity in models will help women decide whether the outfit will work on them specifically.

Nevertheless, since launching back in October 2011, the site has taken off through word of mouth and social media (and I’m not surprised). DailyLook has doubled its membership from 50,000 to 100,000 just in the past 2 weeks, also reaching over 100,000 fans on their Facebook pageaccording toMarketWatch.In the past 30 days, the site received over half a million visits with a majority of traffic directed from popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.

Brian Ree, founder and CEO of DailyLook, said the following to MarketWatch:

“ was created to address a problem every fashionista has experienced. How do I put together a stylish outfit without spending a lot of money and visiting multiple stores? provides a fun, convenient, and affordable solution by offering a site where shoppers can purchase an entire look of fashion clothes on a budget with a few clicks of their mouse.”
As I mentioned previously, I totally agree. Picking out a whole outfit for a reasonable price is a PAIN and this site has executed perfectly on solving it.

How do you currently go about assembling outfits for yourself?