A landing page is simply a web page that a visitor arrives on after clicking a link on another webpage. In digital marketing, most landing pages are designed around completing a desired objective. This could be entering an email, clicking a button, purchasing a product, or any other type of action. So if we were to summarize this into a single definition, it would be the following:

A landing page is any page on the web which has an action that is supposed to be completed by the visitor. This action is frequently referred to as the “conversion goal”.

Landing pages typically fall into two categories: click-through pages and lead generation pages. Both of these page names refer to their desired conversion goal and are relatively self-explanatory.

Click-through Landing Pages

As it sounds, a _click-through landing page is designed to have the user click on a specific button that will result in an action. This could be adding something to a shopping cart, downloading a PDF, download a mobile application, drive the user to a registration page, or more. The general concept behind these pages is to educate the visitor.

If you’ve ever visited a mobile app company’s website, you will probably have seen a download link. Below is the screenshot of an incredibly simplistic click-through landing page for the application Yo. The goal is to get the user to download a mobile application from iTunes or Google Play.

Simple Landing Page

While short on information, it’s effective at illustrating a landing page with a simple click-through purpose. All the visitor to this page needs to do is click on one of the links provide. If the visitor clicks the link, then this landing page will have “converted”.

Lead Generation Landing Pages

A much more common type of landing page is lead generation pages. These pages are focused on one thing: collecting leads. If you take a look at the landing page for our upcoming event [SaaS Masters, you would see that there is information about the event along with a form field to collect the visitor’s email address. Once the visitor enters their email, the page will have converted.

SaaS Masters Landing Page


Whether the purpose of the landing page is to click a link or to enter a form, both types drive the visitor to some pre-defined action. Landing pages are often at the core of many digital marketers efforts. Due to their tendency to have a singular focused action it becomes easy to test objectives with the assistance of tools like Optimizely, Unbounce, Visual Website Optimizer, Google Analytics, and more.

To learn more about strategies to increasing landing page performance, check out the Holler Blog.

Synonyms: Squeeze Page