Google continues to upgrade their Google Analytics product while simultaneously making it more complicated to use. One of the most recent updates resulted in keyword data no longer being displayed. If you are like me, every time you load up Google Analytics you get lost. “Are my keywords under the ‘Behavior’ tab? Hmm, I can’t remember. WTF GOOGLE?!?”

Let me stop you before you end up pulling out your hair like I do every time I load Google Analytics.

How To Access Search Keywords In Google Analytics

The first step of accessing your search keywords is to click on the Acquisition tab and scroll down to the Search Engine Optimization. Here’s how it looks on the site:

Search Queries Google analytics

Three-clicks later you can finally view the search queries that are driving people to your site.

Enable Webmaster Tools

Actually, you can only view the search queries if you enable Google Webmaster tools. Enabling webmaster tools requires having someone who can upload files to your website. While it may seem like an excess amount of work, the benefits are great. Webmaster tools enables your site to be properly indexed.

Previously used only by the smart search engine optimization people, Google Webmaster tools is becoming increasingly common. There are also keyword reports that are accessible within Webmaster Tools that aren’t accessible elsewhere. Want to know the click-through rate on your search listings? This application will tell you. You also can find out where you show up in search results for most people.

Bottom line: go set up Google Webmaster tools and then unlock your search queries. When you go to the queries page via the link pictured above, there will be a button prompting you to sync up Webmaster Tools. Only click this link after you’ve completed the webmaster tools integration.


First, head over to Google Webmaster Tools. Next, head into your google analytics, click on Acquisition, Search Engine Optimization, and finally Queries. Click on the button to sync your Webmaster Tools, complete the process, and you’ll be good to go!