Earlier today, Kevin Colleran officially joined Dave Morin’s Slow Ventures. Slow Ventures has been the angel investment portfolio of Dave Morin, founded in 2009. While rumors have swirled that Richard Branson would join the fund, those rumors never came to be. However as of today, the fund now has it’s second founder.

Kevin Colleran, who joined Facebook as the 7th employee, has already been actively investing in companies both on the angel side of things, as well as a venture capitalist at General Catalyst Partners. Slow Ventures has made a number of successful investments including Tumblr, Evernote, Pinterest, and Jawbone, among others.

I’ve reached out to Kevin Colleran for a comment on the official involvement with Dave Morin’s fund and will be sure to update this when I hear back.

Kevin reached out to us with the following statement: “Slow is just a hobby… my focus is GC and Dave’s is Path.” As for any conflicts of interest at General Catalyst, Colleran stated, “As part of my role as a venture partner at GC, I have maintained the flexibility to do seed investing from the Slow platform in promising companies who are not yet interested in venture funding”.