How frustrating is it to show up excited to your first day of work just to have to sign endless documents? That is exactly the problem that better aims to solve.

Better is building a *better* HR system, one that is on the iPad as a start (no more printing a ton of documents just to scan them in later!). They’re starting with the employee on-boarding process - with payroll, benefits, and state and federal tax filings included in the first version - and moving to more fun HR processes, likepromoting best practices in culture-building and performance management beyond day one.The founding team consists ofIvan Kim, employee #2 at TinyCo and designer at MailChip, andIan Spivey, co-founder of TinyCo and former IBM employee.

When you visit their website, you won’t find much, so make sure to look on their Angel List profile to learn a little more about this company that has been gaining some serious traction on Angel List, adding 96 followers just yesterday for a total of 171 so far. You’ll also see some nice screenshots of the product… Here is one of them:

With the enterprise market becoming easier to enter than ever, with successes from, Salesforce, Dropbox, and more, this team is in a great position to dominate the miserable world of HR. They’ll just need to build up a strong sales team to push their product.

Do you think better can disrupt the old-fashioned world of HR?!