-Cinemawine-While Instagram has locked down the social mobile photo space, another group of developers has decided to skip the social aspect and focus on the technology. Cinemagram, an app that we published in yesterday’s StartupStats newsletter, has a feature which makes magic out of otherwise dull moments. After inviting some friends to a house in Sonoma this weekend, we immediately became a team of short-movie producers.

We couldn’t help but think of creative ways of producing short 3-second movie clips which integrate still-photography and motion picture. If you don’t understand what I’m describing, the image to the right says it all. It’s not the first time motion picture has been mixed with still photography. One of our friends was quick to point out this photographer who has accomplished the same effect without using a mobile app.

While we are by far not the first site to cover the app, we were shocked that we hadn’t heard of it before. It’s completely addictive. Don’t believe me? Check out the Cinemagram tumblr to see all the short clips created with the app. Right now the company has a pretty straight-forward business model: sell the app. It costs $2.99 but is well worth it.

No, you can’t collect followers, you can’t find your friends on the app, but you can email your friends the images (GASP: ancient technology!) as the app produces animated GIFs. If you happen to have an iPhone, go download the app.