Welcome to the future. You can now travel anywhere in the world with just a click of a button. Well, not exactly, but Teleportd brings you as close as possible to this futuristic experience with their incredible real-time photo search engine.

In addition to a sick mobile app (see video demo below), Teleportd has an API for developers to leverage this amazing technology. Just imagine the possibilities. A real-time sports live stream in photos for the ESPN app or a Fashion show app for the New York Fashion Week, all possible with just a simple API from Teleportd. Check out their Crunchbase description:

“More and more public content is posted and shared through photo sharing apps. Nevertheless public photos are not easily searchable. teleportd is a realtime photo search engine that aggregates public content from most mobile photos apps, makes sense of it and allows you to search for - and see - what is going on all over the world at any time. Either from its iPhone application launched today or the website http://teleportd.com, users can instantaneously access the live stream of photos being taken at a location or event of their choosing. Use cases can vary: a fashion show in NYC, a riot in the Middle east or bars down the street on a Saturday night… But the experience is always the same: a smooth stream of live photos that would you might otherwise never have seen.”
Teleportd is currently participating in the Seedcamp incubator, where they received about $70K in funding according to Crunchbase, and are currently traveling allacross the U.S. as part of the Seedcamp America Tour.

Not convinced? Make sure to check out their incredible video: