I’m about to let you in on a secret tool I’ve been using to cut down on my email. No, I still get the same volume of inbound emails but now I’m avoiding a bunch of back and forth emails over scheduling calls with people. “How on earth are you accomplishing such an incredible feat, Nick?” I know, I am kind of like superman. Rather than flying in to crush the evil criminals though, I’m accomplishing something far more important in life: saving time on my emails.

The Only Email Scheduler Tool You’ll Ever Need In Gmail

The secret tool is Calendly and the way that I found it is via a new friend Jayson Gaignard who host a small event up in Toronto. During his attendee curation process he schedules calls with each person to learn more about them and whether or not they’d be a good fit. You receive an email, click a link and immediately can see when Jayson is available to chat. You can then check your calendar and pick the right time slot.

This is incredibly efficient. So far, not a single person has complained about using Calendly when I send out the link. In fact, I’ve even received some messages from people raving about how simple the process was. Seriously, it’s that good! I hate to be overly aggressive about promoting a product, but I thought I’d share it with you because this tool can be used not only to save time but to become more efficient with your sales.

Use Cases

As I mentioned in my short audio clip below, there are a number of use cases I can think of for using calendly besides generic scheduling. Want to set up a sales call? Use Calendly. People will literally get tired of setting up a time with you and by using Calendly you can make this a much more efficient process. Want to do customer development? For those who are already kind enough to give you their time of day, the least you can do is be more efficient with that time.

I’m sure there are many more use cases for efficient scheduling so feel free to let us know!