What do you do with your used batteries? Do you throw them in the trash? Or do you just keep them in a drawer somewhere without knowing what to do with them? Apparently, we throw away 3 BILLION batteries every year in the United States. If you were to put 3 billion batteries end-to-end, they would wrap around the earth 4 times!

Our household batteries contain toxic chemicals that are harmful to us and all other forms of life on earth. These toxins inevitably leak out of batteries in the landfill and poison our environment.

EarthCell aims to solve these problems by providing a “netflix for re-chargeable batteries” service. Purchase a box of AAA or AA earthCell batteries, get these batteries delivered to your home with a paid-for return box, use the batteries, put the used batteries back in the box, mail the box back, and get a new box of batteries.

Upon receiving the batteries, EarthCell does the re-charging of the battery. Once the battery can no longer be re-charged, they sell the valuable battery material for profit.

I’m a big fan of EarthCell, and would love to purchase a box or two of these right away! The only issue I see with their model is the waiting period between boxes of batteries. For example, am I supposed to wait a day or even a week for batteries for my remote control? I see consumers defaulting to regular batteries during the waiting period. Of course, this could easily be solved if they provided an extra few batteries that you could use in between waiting for your box.

EarthCell has raised over $24,000 on Kickstarter from over 680 backers, and is nowon Angel List. Check out their video below: