Your startup must be struggling if you haven’t found a designer yet. Don’t worry, DesignersCouch has got you covered. All you have to do to find a designer is fill out a long form that convinces top designers why you are worthy of their attention.

Ironically none of the questions are about the entrepreneur but instead about the idea, as though that is the single predictor of a company’s likelihood of success. Let’s not be overly cynical here though. According to the company’s AngelList profile, they already have over 500,000 unique monthly visitors and 1,000,000 monthly pageviews.

Whether or not those users are designers or entrepreneurs we aren’t quite sure, but with a slick design (as expected) and a decent number of designers listed, DesignerCouch appears to be pretty active. Our only question is: why not just make it a portfolio site? When we were developing Holler we reached out to 100 designers before we found 1 kickass designer who wanted to work with us.

If we had to go through and pitch all of them without knowing who was available, it would have been pretty annoying. Imagine disclosing your clever idea to 100 people only to find out that 1 of them is available for work.

The concept is an interesting one to the extent that it’s guaranteed to attract pretentious designers. Whether or not it will succeed as a successful marketplace for designers and startups to meet is an entirely different question. We’d expect this site to be much more valuable for recruiters (and more lucrative as well).

What do you think of DesignersCouch?