Nothing illustrates the importance of content as part of a venture firm’s marketing strategy more than today’s news that Andreessen Horowitz has hired Wired editor Michael Copeland.

While it’s not clear what that strategy will entail, we’ve been seeing similar moves occur at other firms. Sequoia, Google Ventures, and First Round Capital have all begun implementing various content strategies. So far, much of the content being produced at these firms have been primarily for internal consumption (among portfolio company founders and the firm partners). Yet with the success of venture capital bloggers like Fred Wilson, Brad Feld, Chris Dixon, and others in recent years, it has become clear that an external-facing content strategy is critical for promoting these venture firms as well.

So what’s this convergence really about? Pretty simple: attracting founders to the firms. Over the coming months we’ll be writing more about the techniques being leveraged by firms to attract the best founders.