is using an approach that all other entrepreneurs should mimic when they release their company profile. It’s not surprising that they’re playing their cards so well given that the company is founded by Dan Martell. Dan has sold two companies in the past four years and is hoping to add another win under his belt.

Currently Dan is being relatively discrete with sharing information about the product, but as an alpha tester, I can say it’s pretty slick. On the company’s AngelList profile, they describe the company as wanting “to help people, over the phone, in a way that unlocks the latest knowledge that we all possess”. It definitely sounds ambitious but after seeing the service, I can confirm just how ambitious it is.

As soon as I saw the product I thought to myself how well it fits Dan Martell’s personality. Dan has a telephone personality. What first came to mind after seeing the product is an old Paul Graham article: “Maker’s Schedule, Manager’s Schedule”. In that post Graham highlights how some people spend their day focused on a task (makers) while others spend time hopping from meeting to meeting (managers).

Clarity will satisfy the manager market and I have to be honest, I found the product to be brilliant. Additionally, after seeing Dan using the product while we were chatting, I realized how much potential exists. Rather than filling up one massively vague post, I’ll end it here! You can check out Clarity here, and make sure to follow them on AngelList.