If you are a DSLR photographer, there’s a good chance you know how annoying it is to lug around your camera with a traditional camera strap. That’s where capture comes in: it enables you to directly clip your camera to any piece of gear via a simple aluminum holster. Whether that’s a backpack, your belt, or anything else.

While I haven’t tried out the product, the company behind it was previously successful at raising over $300,000 on Kickstarter to build the first version of Capture. Version two has raised over $57,000 in a couple days and will easily surpass their $100,000 goal (given the popularity of photography equipment on Kickstarter).

Based on the product’s video trailer, it appears as though the best place to clip one of these things is onto the front of your backpack. While it shows people biking and hiking with their DSLR camera attached, I’m really not sure how comfortable doing so would be. If I was flying down a mountain trail, I’d probably become a little annoyed that this camera is bouncing around.

However there’s no doubt that the single greatest weakness of DSLR cameras is their weight. Big lenses are great for taking incredible photos, yet lugging a 5 pound camera around as you travel places is frequently a deal breaker. You wind up just carrying your iPhone. I’m not sure if I’ll become a backer of the Capture project, but if you’re a DSLR photographer, you should head over to the project page.