You may be thinking to yourself “yet another scheduling tool?” I’ve tried a bunch of scheduling tools in the past but what made this tool click for me personally (Nick O’Neill) was how effectively it can be integrated into your sales process. I first saw it used by Jayson Gaignard of Mastermind Talks. He implemented the tool to effectively set up sales calls with potential attendees of the event.

Imagine going through the process of applying to attend an event and then having those potential attendees interview with you to ensure that you are getting a quality audience. That’s what Jayson does and he used Calendly incredibly effectively as part of this process. The brilliance of calendly is that it’s so simple. You send out an email with a link and the recipient selects when they’re available.

It really is that simple!

Use Cases For Calendly

The best use cases I’ve seen for this product are for marketers and sales people looking to schedule sales calls. Another that makes a lot of sense to me personally is customer development calls. People are being gracious enough to give you their time, make sure you honor their time as much as possible by making the scheduling process almost immediate.

Firing your assistant is another great use case! O.k., I’m actually joking, but isn’t this one of the most common use cases of an assistant? I personally hate having to go back and forth with assistants. Skip that process with Calendly.

Pricing For Calendly

This is mind boggling but right now the product is completely free. My guess is that in the future the company will begin charging based on the number of meetings you schedule using the tool. Or maybe they are looking to just collect an infinite number users, who knows!

Want to know more? Check out the short recording I made below. Also, be sure to head over to the company’s website to learn more.